Welcome to the Rancho Park Senior Golf Club


Rancho Park Senior Golf Club (RPSGC) is the FIRST senior golf club among all of the Los Angeles municipal golf courses. We are thankful for the vision of five members, Paul Baker, Mike Cervenak, Derek D’Sa, Bob Lenzie, and Cliff Marcus. Back in 2006 they had the vision and spent countless hours working with many government agencies to accomplish their goal.


The Rancho Park Senior Golf Club is open to amateur senior men and women (50 and over) interested in playing the game of golf. We enjoy competitive tournaments, but also value the social aspects of golf. We have a diverse group of golfers, some with low indexes and others with higher indexes.


Our website begins with the Tournament Signup page as that is the page our members are most interested in.  You can find all of our upcoming tournaments that are open for entry, as well as our full schedule for the entire season under ‘Tournaments’ on the menu bar.


If you would like more information on Membership or to join our club please click here to do so. 


Todd Wade