Upcoming tournaments and Tee Times can be accessed through the Tournament link on the home page of the club's website.  Please be aware of and adhere to the tournament cutoff date listed for each tournament.  This date is usually the date by which we need to commit to the total number of players and pay the golf course. We need to have a final commitment from the membership by that date. Once we have paid, it is usually not possible to get a refund from the golf course for members who do not show. 


Players will be pay by credit card when they sign up for any event in which he/she has entered. Payment will be made on-line by credit card. 




The RPSGC policy is that any member who has committed to play in an event on the cut-off date is responsible for payment for his/her tee time. In the event the member must cancel after the cut-off date, the RPSGC tournament chairman will make all possible efforts to fill that position. But, if the position cannot be filled and we cannot get a refund from the course, the player is responsible for payment for the tee time. 


ALL refunds will be assessed a $3.00 processing fee per round that covers credit card processing fee.


If the member does not show and has not paid for the tournament, he/she must pay the entry fee prior to playing in another event. If he/she doesn’t, the member will be placed in an inactive status and will not be allowed to enter any future events until the entry for the previous event has been paid.




The following is reprinted from the USGA web page without permission:


Information regarding the distance between two objects is public information and not advice.  It is therefore permissible for players to exchange information relating to the distance between two objects.  For example, a player may ask anyone, including his opponent, fellow-competitor or either of their caddies, the distance between his ball and the hole.  (Revised)


The RPSGC Board suggests that, if you use a distance measuring device, that you make the yardage information from the device available to all members of your group.




Slow play will not be tolerated by the RPSGC. The target time for 18 holes is 4 ½ hours. No group should finish more than a hole behind the group in front of them or take more than 5 hours to play Rancho Park. If necessary, the RPSGC Board will take disciplinary action to include, but not be limited to:


1) moving slow players to the end of the tee times

2) breaking up groups who normally play together, if it is deemed that this would speed up play 

3) assessing penalty strokes for all members of a group 

4) not accepting entries from identified slow players until the end of the sign up period, potentially resulting in the player being left out of the event.


It’s easy to speed up play. Be ready to hit when it is your turn to play. Play “ready golf” when it is feasible. Don’t wait until you’re away. If you can hit safely, without disturbing others in your group, do so. If you’re sharing a cart, don’t sit in the cart while your cart partner hits. Grab a couple of clubs and start to your ball. (You’d be surprised how much easier it is to get a feel for a shot when you walk up to it, rather than hopping out of the cart right by your ball.) Be ready to hit when he/she finishes the shot.  When you have finished putting, go to the next tee and hit your tee shot while the other members of your foursome finish putting out.


Understand and use provisional balls. If there is a chance that your ball may be lost or out of bounds, please play a provisional ball. There is no penalty for playing a provisional ball up to the place your original ball is likely to lie, even if you find the original ball in a playable position. You simply abandon the provisional ball and continue with the original one. (Also, there are few things more embarrassing than having to drive back to the tee or from where you hit your previous shot and having the group behind you stare at you as you do!)


Note, however, that you cannot play a provisional ball for a ball that may be in a hazard. You must determine whether or not it is in the hazard first. Then, if you choose to use the option to return to the previous spot and play the shot, you must go back and do so.


Be ready to putt when it is your turn. Looking at your putt from all four directions, from four feet, from 20 feet, etc. won’t change the break and speed. Begin looking at your putt as you approach the green. Watch other players’ putts. If you can look at your putt without interfering with the player getting ready to play, do so. 




Rancho Home tournaments:


Flights A & B will play the Blue Tees

Flights C & D will play the White Tees

Women always play the Women's Yellow Tees at Rancho


Rancho Home Team tournaments:


All players will play from the White Tees during team events

Women will play from the Women's Yellow Tees


Rancho Away tournaments:


All flights play White (Regular) Tees

Women will play the Forward (usually Red Tees, Gold Tees at Rancho)


Players may play further back, but may not move up.  If you play a forward tee your handicap will adjust to that tee box (approximately two strokes less).  Playing tees in front of suggested tees will result in a forfeiture of gross prizes.




Occasionally, because of the conditions of the golf course, we may declare that we will be playing under Winter Rules. The Rancho Park Senior Golf Club uses the following as the definition of Winter Rules:


Through the Green the player may mark, lift and clean his/her golf ball and place it within 6 inches of the original spot, not nearer the hole and in similar conditions. “Through the Green” is defined as all of the golf course, not including water hazards or sand bunkers. Please note that this rule requires you to place the ball in the rough if the original lie was in the rough.




You do not need to post your scores for tournaments that use the online USGA Tournament Management App, we will post your scores for you once the tournament has been completed





Should anyone have questions on how the handicap system works, please contact the Handicap Chairman located under “Officers” on the clubs website.




Inasmuch as we are a senior group, there are occasions when a member may need special consideration in the use of power carts. In these conditions, the cart is identified with a special flag that allows the driver to proceed without consideration to the signs directing cart traffic on the course. However, the Handicapped flag does not authorize the driver to ignore common sense and consideration on the golf course.


Carts must still be kept at least 30 feet from all greens and sand traps. This means that you may not drive the cart, for example, between the green and the bunker behind the 12th green. Violation of these rules will result in the forfeiture of the player’s use of the Handicapped flag. In extreme cases, the player will no longer be allowed to use a power cart when playing and/or may be dropped from the RPSGC membership.


Please remember that the primary purpose of the Rancho Park Senior Golf Club is to provide an opportunity for people to meet new players, have fun and enjoy their rounds of golf. Your adhering to the rules and policies above will contribute to these goals.




If the city doesn't allow carts on the day of the tournament, the tournament will be canceled (but players can still play on their own by paying at the starter). Refunds will be issued to all registered members if the city doesn't allow carts.


On rare occasions, play may be suspended due to unplayable conditions. The tournament directors will have the full authority to determine if the round should be suspended. Every effort will be made to proceed with play if it is likely that all registered members will be able to complete the stipulated round of golf without jeopardizing their health and safety.